Bio+Tech Eight

Bio+Tech Eight is home to VCU’s College of Engineering and Institute for Engineering and Medicine, Medicines for All Institute, Phlow Corporation, Immunarray, TCG Green Chem, VCU Health labs and state labs.

an external image of biotech park building 8

Aditxt is developing technologies specifically focused on improving the health of the immune system through immune monitoring and reprogramming. The immune monitoring technology is designed to provide a personalized comprehensive profile of the immune system. The immune reprogramming technology is currently at the pre-clinical stage and is designed to retrain the immune system to induce tolerance with an objective of addressing rejection of transplanted organs, autoimmune diseases, and allergies.

Phlow Corporation is bringing together industry leaders and cutting edge manufacturing. They are a team of experienced pharmaceutical executives dedicated to research, development, and manufacturing, using the latest innovations in advanced manufacturing technology.

VCU’s Institute for Engineering and Medicine (IEM) fosters collaborative programs between the VCU College of Engineering, VCU Life Sciences and the VCU School of Medicine. Its commitment to advancing discovery through sharing knowledge across disciplines make the IEM a research destination for those working at the intersection of engineering, medicine and life sciences. The Institute provides an environment that fosters sharing knowledge and resources to address the most challenging issues facing biomedical science and engineering.

The Medicines for All Institute (“M4ALL”) was established with the goal of reducing the high costs of pharmaceutical products. They are committed to improving access to safe, effective, and affordable medicines. With medicine prices rising, innovators and generic manufacturers have little incentive to reduce manufacturing costs for wide range of medicines. M4ALL believes that its broad depth of novel chemical process technologies can lead to a step change reduction of excess costs. Undoubtedly, these processes expand patient access to both existing and new medication at an overall lower cost. M4ALL was formed to pursue and deliver this vision with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Improve access to safe, effective, and affordable medicines.