Downriver 2019

a closeup image of a small yellow notebook with the downriver logo on it
a display table with information for lighthouse labs during the 2019 downriver event
a woman in a pink dress stands at a podium and speaks to the audience
a group of people networking and exchanging business cards in an open conference room. the room is filled with blue tables and people standing about
two men sit on stage and answer questions during a downriver panel
pens, stickers, coozies, and other giveaway items sit on a blue table
a man stands on stage in behind a podium and addresses the audience
two men and a woman sit onstage holding microphones. the man in a black tshirt speaks into his microphone.
a man in a backwards baseball cap stands at a podium and address the crowd
people sit in chairs facing a stage while a man addresses the crowd
two women and a man sit on stage holding microphones. one of the women is smiling and answering a question from the crowd
a large group of people mingle in a conference hall during the 2019 downriver event